Brac Scientific Consulting specializes in analyzing open information sources related to biological, toxin and bioregulator research as indicators in determining the nature of biological threats. In 1986, we demonstrated     that the technique of collateral analysis, as   a tool for systematically examining open information sources, could provide valuable indications to the former Soviet Union biological weapons program BIOPREPARAT. Further studies showed that this technique could be used for prospective analysis as well and validated it as a form of open source intelligence. Brac Scientific Consulting is registered as a NATO Commercial and Government Entity (NCAGE) and a Contractor in the US Government Central Contractor Registry.

The types of issues that are focused on include:

Brac Scientific Consulting has twenty years of experience in research and development related to biological security. Whether you have a specific question or require an overview, Brac Scientific can produce a customized report to fulfill your needs.

The following sample reports summarize, in the first case, what could be considered the most dangerous   area in the   proliferation of WMD, second, an analysis of the anthrax attacks in 2001 and third, the role of biological weapons in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Proliferation Of Biological Weapons to Extremist Groups and its Dependence on State Weapons Programs    

Analysis of Anthrax Bioterrorism in the United States based on Open Source Information

Biological Weapons and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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